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This Portable E-Ink Typewriter Aims to Keep Writers Focused on Writing—and Off Instagram

The distraction-free device features WiFi for cloud synching only.

Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler e-ink typewriter Astrohaus

If you were convinced that the computer had killed off the type writer, well, guess again. There remains a diehard community devoted to the machine—which apparently includes Tom Hanks, who wrote a whole story collection inspired by the device—and companies like Astrohaus continue to release new models.

This month, the creative hardware startup will launch its first portable e-ink typewriter, the Freewrite Traveler. And while it’s no easier to move around than a laptop, and a lot less versatile, the company believes it will appeal to those looking for distraction-free writing device they can take with them on the go.

We know, why buy a typewriter in 2020, when you can get a laptop (or a tablet with Bluetooth keyboard) that can do so much more? Well, that’s exactly the reason. Ask any writer and they’ll tell you that writing is made even harder with distractions like e-mail, Twitter, YouTube and Netflix just one click away. The Freewrite Traveler does away with all these hinderances, allowing you to focus on that piece you’re struggling with and nothing else.

Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler e-ink typewriter

Astrohaus Freewrite Traveler e-ink typewriter  Astrohaus

The Freewrite Traveler, Astrohaus’s second typewriter after the original Freewrite, is a no-frills writing machine designed to let you focus all your time and energy on your words. It features a small, ambient-lit e-ink screen, a full-size scissor switch keyboard (which supports 16 languages), a long-lasting battery and that’s it. The device measures 11 by 5 inches, is less than inch thick and weighs just 1.6 pounds, meaning you can easily slip it in your bag when you’re ready to relocate. And when you’re all done writing, it’s got WiFi for cloud syncing or a USB-C port for offline data transfers (and charging).

The Freewrite Traveler can be ordered through Astrohaus’s website right now for $429, $170 less than its normal price. And if you want an e-ink typewriter that’s bigger and more stationary, its older sibling, the second generation Freewrite, is currently available for $549.

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