Attack of the Cones

It may come as a surprise to learn that the cone-shaped towers of Montegiro’s Lusso turntable were included for technical reasons, not merely for cosmetic appeal. The German manufacturer crafts the cones using alternating layers of brushed aluminum and black acrylic; the dissimilar strata help lessen vibration coming up from below. Two of the cones hold tonearms, so the vinyl enthusiast can choose between different-sounding arms to suit the mood or the music. The drive motor is suspended within another cone. Montegiro includes one tonearm in the Lusso’s $31,527 price. The inverted cone that serves as the record platter rests on a special bearing using ceramic balls that roll along a sapphire mirror. Each cone is mechanically isolated from the others, so any vibration in one will not travel to other parts of the turntable. Few turntables are so advanced—and perhaps none is so spectacular. (www.koetsuusa.com)

—Brent Butterworth

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