Audeze Partners with BMW DesignworksUSA for Its New Headphones and Amplifier

The new amplifier and headphones look good and sound great…

If one’s desk or hi-fi headphone-listening space needs to look as good as it sounds, the new headphone amplifier and headphones from Audeze are visually stunning gear for the discerning listener. Designed by BMW DesignworksUSA, the new Audeze Deckard amp and EL-8 headphones sport industrial styling and the impeccable audio quality that enthusiasts have come to expect from Audeze.

As an audiophile headphone company, Audeze is known for its critically acclaimed planar magnetic headphones. The Deckard digital-to-analog converter (DAC) and amplifier ($699) is the company’s first such offering and represents a no-holds-barred approach to headphone amplification, with Class-A circuitry for clean sound and the full spectrum of DAC audio sampling frequencies. The front of the device features an audio control knob, while the rear includes a USB input and RCA inputs and outputs, allowing the amplifier to function as a line-level preamplifier if one so chooses.


The EL-8 headphones (also $699) are consistent with past Audeze offerings in that they are planar magnetic. They come in closed-back (for private listening) and open-back options. Audeze incorporates the most recent advances in planar magnetic technology, borrowing some materials developed by NASA for use in the driver diaphragm and other areas. As would be expected, the headphones and amplifier pair well together, and both are currently available from headphone dealers online and at stores worldwide. (audeze.com)

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