The Aurender N100H Music Server Offers a Full Two Terabytes of Music Storage

The N100H incorporates two different hard drives for improved sound playback…

Audiophiles only embrace convenience when technology ensures that it does not interfere with sound purity. Case in point is the Aurender N100H music player and server, which takes leaps in both audio quality and convenience by Aurender’s incorporating recent technological advances into their internal designs.

The N100H ($2,699) is a combined music player and server containing two terabytes (2 TB) of file-storage space—ample room for a high-resolution music collection. While most consumer electronics claim storage sizes larger than their actual usable size (due to file and operating systems), the N100H actually has 2 TB of storage, thanks to the inclusion of a 120-gigabyte solid-state drive (SSD) cache. Each time the user queues up a new song, the track is loaded from the main drive onto the SSD cache and played back from that cache rather than from the main storage drive. This increases the device’s speed and reduces interference, resulting in a more accurate listening experience.

The device comes with a variety of convenient features, including: built-in tech support so that Aurender engineers can troubleshoot over the Internet, and the Aurender Conductor app that allows the user to control the device from most smartphones. The player integrates with popular audiophile streaming services and comes in two color schemes. It is also available in a simple streamer format (N100) that does not include the 2 TB of storage. (aurender.com)


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