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This New Battery-Powered Surfboard Brings the Electric Revolution to the Barrel

Electricity is killer, brah.

Awake Ravik S electric surfboard Courtesy of Awake

It was only a matter of time before the electric revolution came to the half-pipe, and Awake’s newest surfboard is here to prove it.

Meet the Ravik S, a surfboard constructed like the (electric) sports car of genre. Engineered with a powerful motor, it can slice through the water at a top speed of 30 knots (about 34 mph) and can operate anywhere from 20 to 45 minutes based on a given rider’s style on single charge.

This model comes only 18 months after Awake’s previous iteration, and several design tweaks were implemented to improve upon the former. Though it retains the Awake Direct Drive system, the surfboard has an extensively reworked hull made from durable yet lightweight carbon fiber––it weighs 77 pounds in total––that helps it remain nimble on the waves even when at high speeds. Slightly decreased buoyancy and a narrowed tail likewise assist in that effort, but twin fins also provide greater stability whether making sharp turns or traveling directly forward.


Of course, the brushless electric motor is really the star of the show with the Ravik S. Its precise impeller rapidly takes in water with maximum efficiency for robust acceleration in seconds. Watertight seals protect sensitive components, but with the added benefit of circulating water, the need for additional coolants is eliminated. And all of it is powered by a durable lithium ion battery pack.

The S comes outfitted with four different speeds to suit your mood. The speed is controlled with a wireless handheld device, so operating it while surfing is simple. And, for those that don’t want to wait out the 80-minute recharge time, the brand offers an additional battery you can swap in while the other charges.

The Ravik S will run €16,900, or about $19,329 at current exchange. You can learn more or buy your own at Awake’s website.

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