Balanced Audio Technologies Debuts VK-3000SE Integrated Amplifier

The new integrated amp features balanced audio circuitry and hybrid amplification…

Balanced Audio Technology (BAT) has announced the release of its new VK-3000SE integrated amplifier ($7,995). It features a minimalist aesthetic and the Delaware manufacturer’s signature sound, and it pairs nicely with a variety of sources. As an integrated amplifier, the VK-3000SE—which is available in unassuming black or black and silver—requires only a music source and speakers. For analog playback, BAT offers a phono-stage upgrade for an additional $1,000.

As its name implies, BAT uses balanced internal circuitry (and XLR-based interconnects) to improve the overall sound quality of its equipment. Experts point out that balanced circuitry, often used in professional recording settings, also helps eliminate external interference. The VK-3000SE takes the same balanced approach. It features hybrid amplification that uses both tube and solid-state transformers, resulting in 150 watts per channel into 8 ohms or 300 watts per channel into 4 ohms. The amplifier works with any source sporting an RCA or XLR output, and is available at BAT dealers worldwide. (balanced.com)

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