Best Of The Best 2006: Here To Serve

Think of a music server as an Apple iPod for your home: It stores all your music on a hard drive and provides easy access to that music through a data screen. And just as with portable music players, some music servers are more fun to use than others. The Qsonix music server offers the friendliest, most engaging user interface we have seen in this product category.

A supplied touchscreen displays the cover art from your favorite CDs in full color. To play a CD, simply touch its cover and drag it onto the playlist at the right side of the screen. Adding more recordings to the list, perusing your jazz collection, and culling the tunes you dislike are all equally simple. And the sound quality is excellent thanks to the unit’s superb construction. The Qsonix comes in two models: the Q100-160 ($5,500), which holds about 3,000 CDs at a normal quality level, and the Q100-400 ($6,300), which holds about 7,500 CDs.





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