Best Of The Best 2006: Little Wonder

Best known for high-end audio amplifiers that rival the size and weight of airliner serving carts, Halcro recently has become a respected name in the more mainstream world of home theater. The Halcro SSP100 surround-sound processor (about $10,000) and MC70 amplifier (about $7,000) both have strong technical advantages over competing products. In the SSP100, these include a large LCD viewscreen that displays both video imagery and control menus. In addition, the circuitry outputs all video programming as a high-resolution digital signal to feed your high-definition TV set or video projector. And the SSP100’s crisp sound quality equals or surpasses that of any other processor we have heard.

The MC70 amplifier uses digital technology to deliver substantial power—seven channels, each rated at 350 watts—while generating almost no heat. The low-temperature functioning makes it easy for a custom installer to hide the Halcro electronics away in a cabinet, but the product’s impeccable industrial design may make that task a tearful one.




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