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In these days of multichannel home theater, dedication to two-channel stereo seems quaint, but it remains an obsession for audio perfectionist Krell Industries. The Krell Evolution One Monaural Amplifier is virtually devoid of feedback and features a bandwidth much greater than that of any conventional design, and the unit’s 450 watts of power can drive any loudspeaker to its full potential. In addition, the design incorporates advanced microprocessors that automatically adjust operating parameters or shut down the amplifier to prevent damage to the speakers. The Krell Evolution Two Monaural Preamplifier employs cutting-edge controls and an audio signal path that operates in full balanced mode, guaranteeing the integrity of the audio signal.

Both the amplifier and the preamplifier use power supplies housed in separate chassis, preventing electrical interference from intruding into the circuits. The power supplies include built-in line filtering to provide the cleanest possible electrical waveform. The Evolution One is priced at $50,000 per pair, the Evolution Two at $40,000 per pair.

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