Best Of The Best 2006: Goldmund Logos-N-Sub

The Goldmund Logos-N-Sub speak­er system will be a center of attention in any home. Its unique appearance, which recalls Cubist paintings, gives it an imposing physical presence, but it stands only about 3 feet tall, compared to 5 feet for many of its peers, and still delivers impressive deep-bass performance. In fact, for the audio enthusiast who insists on full-range sound, the $27,350 Logos-N-Sub may be the most decor-friendly speaker system extant. 

The Logos-N-Sub incorporates all the technology and craftsmanship that have made Goldmund a favorite brand among audiophiles. Like other models developed by this Swiss manufacturer, it is a digital system. Using digital rather than analog signals ensures that there is no loss of sound quality as the audio travels through wires from the equipment rack to the speakers. The speakers also are capable of accepting analog signals, however, so they are compatible with gear other than Goldmund’s.

The system features two steel racks, each of which holds two separate modules: a two-way minispeaker with 5-inch woofers above, and a subwoofer with two 10-inch woofers below. Both the speaker and the subwoofer are built from half-inch-thick aluminum slabs and feature massive steel bracing bars to minimize spurious vibration of the speaker cabinet.

Reflecting their designers’ tastes in entertainment, many high-end speakers will faithfully portray chamber music yet fail miserably when reproducing pop hits. But this system reproduces rock songs and action-movie soundtracks as well as it does classical pieces. Like almost no other speaker package we have heard, the Logos-N-Sub is equally kind to vocalists of all stripes, from gravelly voiced bluesmen to soft-toned Brazilian singers, and the sound lacks even the slightest trace of shrillness or distortion.





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