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Best of the Best 2012: Audio: KEF Blade

A triumph of form and function, the KEF Blade (732.683.2356, www.kef.com) is a standout loudspeaker in its price class for its superb coherence and ability to reproduce complex audio at all frequency levels without distortion. The Blade, priced at $30,000 a pair and produced in honor of the British company’s 50th anniversary, owes much of its sonic success to KEF’s signature Uni-Q point-source technology, which combines high- and midrange-frequency drivers to create a single, coincident acoustic source. In addition, the speaker’s four low-frequency drivers are mounted symmetrically on each side of the cabinet, equidistant from the Uni-Q array, so that their acoustic centers occupy the same point in space. This translates into a clearly defined acoustic image whose size, clarity, and timbral accuracy are nothing short of stunning.

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