Best Things First: Mobile Phone

The follow-up to the Signature, the $20,000 platinum-finish mobile phone introduced two years ago, the Vertu Ascent is a sporty leather-and-liquid-metal mobile phone priced at $3,850. While the Signature suggests the elegance of a Bentley, says Vertu Creative Director Frank Nuovo, the Ascent references the kinetic nature of a Porsche. “If you look at the battery compartment,” Nuovo says, “you get the impression you are opening the hood of an exquisite, exotic racing machine. That was not by accident.”

The leather trim is available in black and brown, and the casing is scratch-resistant. Like the Signature, the Ascent features the company’s 24-hour concierge service and is operable on five continents—just one less than a Porsche.




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