B&W Redefines the Mini Monitor

Well known for the prodigious monitor speakers that grace the rooms of London’s Abbey Road Studios, Bowers & Wilkins has always brought a forward-thinking approach to its range of compact speakers. The PM1, B&W’s newest monitor, which started shipping in late June, offers studio-quality reproduction for a compact home-audio setup.

Priced at $2,800 per pair and polished with a gorgeous mocha-gloss finish, the PM1 speakers exude the same pride of construction as B&W’s flagship 800 Diamond model. Fans of the marque will instantly recognize the new speaker’s yellow Kevlar woofer cone and the bullet-shaped Nautilus tweeter housing. The woofer measures 5 inches in diameter and is mated to a newly designed aluminum dome tweeter, which is reinforced with a carbon fiber thread. The PM1 borrows a bit of B&W’s past and combines it with the brand’s latest breakthroughs in engineering, thus creating a compact monitor with a spacious sound that belies its diminutive footprint. B&W offers the PM1s with matching stands, which are priced at $550 per pair. (978.664.2870, www.bowers-wilkins.com)

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