D-73D ($49,995)

Video reproduction leader Runco pulled out all the stops with its new, top-of-the-line 3-D projector, the D-73D. Taking advantage of its Constant Stereoscopic Video architecture and of Texas Instruments’ Digital Light Processing, Runco has created a dual-imagining system with this stacked-projector design that enables flawless decoding, syncing, and merging of stereo images free from flicker or distortion. It outputs 58 foot-lamberts of light to fill screens with widths as large as nearly 17 feet for standard 2-D pictures, and 29 foot-lamberts for screens with widths as large as 10 feet for 3-D. With the D-73D, Runco has solidified its position as leader of the projector-making pack. (503.748.1100, www.runco.com)

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