dCS Launches Its New Flagship Digital Music System

In September, English audio component expert dCS began shipping its latest and most impressive digital-audio system to date. Priced at $110,000 for the four-component system, the dCS Vivaldi comprises a separate CD/SACD transport, digital-to-analog converter, upsampler, and master clock, all of which, says dCS, represent the pinnacle of the company’s no-compromise approach to audio-component design.

The Vivaldi system is able to accommodate digital music from virtually any source, providing stunning playback results from CDs and SACDs—and, thanks to the system’s multiple inputs and flexibility, it maximizes playback of the latest high-resolution digital-music formats. Able to handle sample rates as high as 24 bit/384 kHz, the Vivaldi system also beautifully handles direct-digital streaming.


The modular design and upgradeable firmware ensure that the system will deliver reference-grade audio regardless of future technological developments. The dCS Vivaldi is now shipping to select high-end audio retailers worldwide. (+44.1954.233950, www.dcsltd.co.uk)

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