Design-Driven Omnidirectional Speakers from Denmark

Boutique Danish speaker maker Davone just began shipping to U.S. dealers its compact Mojo speakers, which are suitable for placement on a bookshelf, table, or stand and also can be mounted on-wall. Priced at $2,299 per pair, the Mojo speakers exemplify Davone’s stylish approach to designing speakers, while delivering audio that is surprisingly big and vibrant for a speaker this size. Each speaker stands about a foot tall and weighs slightly less than 10 pounds, making the Mojo Davone’s smallest model to date.

Despite its compact size, the Mojo delivers robust audio all the way down to 40 Hz, thanks to its downward-firing subwoofer driver, which has a 5.25-inch diameter and a nearly one-inch peak-to-peak excursion. For high-frequency response, Davone equips the Mojo with a three-inch tweeter driven by a neodymium magnet and decoupled from the subwoofer to avoid unwanted coloration in the high register. (The conical tweeter cabinet is available in walnut, maple, or cherry woods.) The circular shape of the speaker and position of its two drivers deliver a 360-degree dispersion, for clean and potent audio that sounds equally alluring throughout the entire listening space. (+, www.davoneaudio.com)

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