Design Portfolio: Burning the Audiophile Flame

Had Jules Verne lived in the audio age, Moth Audio would have powered his system. The massive retro-laboratory look of this exquisite modern gear is born from pure utility, including custom-blown, acid-etched glass bell jars to protect the amplifier’s glowing 304TL output power tube. Seasoned audiophiles acknowledge the euphonic musical attributes of vacuum tubes—especially triodes—and in terms of linearity and sonic purity, Moth’s is the tube of choice. Moth designers use one enormous 304TL for each mono amplifier in a single-ended, class A1 design to coax an effortless output of 45 watts. Its sound is musically accurate and simply sublime. For the ultimate system, mate two m304TL amps with the Sphynx tube preamplifier. The full-featured front end includes a phono stage to assuage vinyl lovers, and the entire system can be run in balanced or unbalanced mode. Amplifiers are priced at $19,200 per stereo pair and the preamplifier is $4,600.

Contact Moth Audio Corp. for an audition or further information (323.467.4300)

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