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“Now you see it, now you don’t,” is not Ad Notam’s tagline, but it should be. The German company produces mirrors that, at the touch of a button, become high-resolution LCD monitors. Ad Notam’s founder, Oliver Röttcher, introduced what he calls mirror-image technology to the luxury hotel market back in 2001, installing units in Wynn Hotel and Ritz-Carlton properties. Today, Röttcher has taken distribution of his product to the next level by making his mirror TVs available for residential applications through an international network of custom installers. The newest models, dubbed the New Living Line, were introduced at February’s Integrated Systems Europe trade show in Amsterdam and are available in sizes ranging from 32 to 65 inches, the latter of which is priced at about $40,000. A major component of Röttcher’s philosophy is that Ad Notam will custom-build a mirror TV for any application, in any environment—and in any shape. “Nothing is out of the question,” he says, “and anything is possible.” (212.760.0220, http://www.ad-notam.com)

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