Experience a Speaker that Packs the Same Punch as a Live Rock Concert

The 2,200-square-foot property will house some of the best sound equipment in the world…

Revered worldwide for its innovative sound technology equipment, audio-tech brand Devialet is expanding its global footprint with a store in New York City. The 2,200-square-foot property (which will open briefly for the holidays prior to a permanent opening in 2017) will be the brand’s first location in the United States. Playful pops of blue and gold accent the white walls, ceilings, and floors, proving that the visual experience is just as important as the auditory sensations.

Customers can participate in a variety of carefully curated events that showcase Devialet’s superior sound quality. From listening to some of the world’s highest sound quality in the Immersive Room to hearing music exactly as artists recorded it, guests will gain a deeper appreciation for the power and scope of high-caliber sound. In addition, guests can observe the remarkable Gold Phantom speaker, which boasts 4,500W of power and 108 dB of physical impact (roughly the same amount as a live rock concert). The New York City location will be Devialet’s sixth store worldwide. (devialet.com)

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