FrontRunners: Ace of Bass

Bass. Lotsabass. The kind of bass low-riding hip-hop gangstas dream about does not even begin to describe the rumble that emanates from the Basshorn, Avantgarde Acoustic’s (www.avantgarde-acoustic.com) latest subwoofer. The Basshorn works with the company’s flagship Trio Omega speaker system, introduced in 2000, and is a fully self-powered bass-only system that covers just the lowest audible notes. Because the Basshorn is modular, you can outfit a full speaker system with two, four, or six of them, depending on your tastes (and room size). To get an idea of the Basshorn’s capabilities, consider that each module employs two 12-inch drivers driven by a 350-watt active amplifier. With the maximum setup, this adds up to a dozen woofers and 2,100 watts of power. Avantgarde recommends a minimum room size of 270 square feet for the 990-pound, 81-by-39-by-83-inch, $65,000 behemoth. May we also suggest that you place fragile valuables at a safe distance.

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