FrontRunners: Carrier Pitch On

The Sound Carrier 300 B Aurum tube amplifier (www.tehnicki-centar-krklec.hr) by Croatian manufacturer Technical Center Krklec is not for everyone. The amp (priced at $17,930 for a pair of mono blocks) has a retro-industrial look that may not suit some home interiors, and its specialized reproduction quality will not sate all musical tastes. But aficionados of classical and jazz music will appreciate the component’s ability to replicate pure tones when it is connected to a low-output horn speaker. And the Sound Carrier 300 B Aurum will win over both aesthetes and audiophiles with its functional design. The amp’s gold-plated copper chassis is sleek and self-contained, and the vintage-looking Western Electric 300 B vacuum tube produces exceptionally warm tones.

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