FrontRunners: Fast Talker

To address the aesthetic monotony of the mobile phone, Motorola enlisted an Italian design company renowned for its Ferrari silhouettes to shape the new Pininfarina Limited Edition Motorola i833 phone ($599), a silvery, sports car–inspired flip phone available exclusively at Bloomingdale’s (866.593.2540, www.bloomingdales.com). Pininfarina, the coachbuilder behind virtually every modern Ferrari, based the i833 on the Motorola i830, replacing the previous model’s angular case with a titanium-colored, hood-shaped body reminiscent of the 360 Modena. Other automotive allusions include a gas tank–shaped audio jack cover and a connector cover that mimics the look of a grille. Flip open the hood, and you will find the i833’s interior appointments impressive as well. The phone, which comes with a leather carrying case and matching desktop charger in a wooden cigar box, features a color display, GPS maps and audible driving directions, a built-in speakerphone, and preinstalled ring tones tuned to such cruising favorites as “Born to Be Wild” and “Start Me Up.”

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