FrontRunners: The Loud and Clear Choice

The inner workings of speakers are finally being exposed, and unlike sausage processing or lawmaking, it is a welcome sight. Waterfall Audio (www.waterfallaudio.com) has introduced a line of speakers featuring cases made entirely of glass. The speakers represent a breakthrough in design and technology because until now, no other company has found a way to control the unwanted resonance associated with glass. However, the French manufacturer developed and patented an acoustic damping tube that counters unwanted vibrations. Because they are transparent, the models in the Waterfall range, from the 18-inch-tall Athabasca to the 40-inch-tall Victoria, match any decor.

As dazzling as glass-enclosed speakers may be, some people, especially those with home theaters, insist that speakers should be heard but not seen. The response from Waterfall is Hurricane, a glass and aluminum series in which every model (except the subwoofer) is less than 3.2 inches thick. The result is minimalism to the max.

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