FrontRunners: Monumental Achievement

Giuseppe Zingali’s (www.zingali.it) choice of the name Colosseum for his diminutive 5.1-channel system is not as ironic as it seems. The Roman manufacturer’s nod to his city’s most recognizable monument refers to the range’s ability to offer stadium-grade scale from what could be mistaken as a scale model of a hi-fi system—the lineup includes a speaker measuring a mere 63/4 inches tall. “I wanted to create a small speaker with a big technology,” says Zingali.

Horns, by nature, offer more than double the dispersion area of other drivers, but Zingali also wanted the speakers to sound pleasing at louder levels. Omniray technology—Zingali’s scalable horn speaker concept—makes it possible for a 21/2-inch tweeter to produce the same impact as a 15-inch tweeter. Conventional, cone-type mid-woofers and an active subwoofer handle the middle and lower frequencies. The result is a family of tony bantamweight speakers capable of creating detailed, substantial sound.

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