FrontRunners: Nuvision’s New Lucidium FX10 LS

NuVision’s new Lucidium FX10 LS  (www.nuvision.com) series of LED-edge-lit LCD panel televisions are equipped with proprietary software designed to eliminate the judder and blur that can appear when filmed content is displayed on an LCD panel. (The FX10, or “film times 10,” shows only standard content; the company’s forthcoming Connoisseur Series will display standard and 3-D content.) The screens—available in 40-, 46-, and 55-inch sizes and priced from $5,500 to $7,000—also feature the industry’s highest-rated TV glass, which the company treats with a matte finish to minimize glare. Behind the glass, within the TV’s video processor, NuVision has embedded its new software that corrects the problems caused by adapting 24 frames per second of film to an LCD panel with a 240 Hz refresh rate. The Scottsdale, Ariz., company will customize the finish of the screen’s frame (options range from brushed aluminum to pink gloss), and it offers a two-year warranty under which a NuVision representative will visit the customer’s home to repair or replace the set within two business days.

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