FrontRunners: Replay It Again, Sam

REPLAYTV 4320 has set itself apart from other digital video recorders by offering the most recording storage time (320 hours as opposed to TiVo’s 60), and by making it possible for you to send your recorded TV broadcasts over a broadband connection to fellow ReplayTV users.

The sharing may have to cease, however. The major TV networks and movie studios have filed a copyright infringement suit against SONICblue, the Santa Clara, Calif., company that makes ReplayTV.

Even if you can’t share television programs with friends who have ReplayTVs, the broadband connection still enables you to send files, photos, and personal slideshows. As with other DVRs, ReplayTV can skip over commercials, provide instant replay, and pause live broadcasts. ReplayTV also lets you record a show remotely, a feature other DVRs don’t offer.

The prices of the ReplayTV 4000 series (877.REPLAYTV, www.replaytv.com or www.sonicblue.com) start at $1,999.

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