FrontRunners: Smooth Sounds

The ViV Laboratory Evanui Signature loudspeaker (www.vivaudiolab.com) may look decorative, but its shape serves a purpose: It has no corners to interfere with the sound waves oscillating within its acoustic field. Atop the 63 layers of Southeast Asian plywood that form the speaker’s base cabinet sits a 40-pound driver head made of an anodized alloy called duralumin. The 3-inch diaphragm floating within the driver connects to its surrounding enclosure by a single lead coil, which enables the speaker to produce sound with a remarkably low distortion level and a frequency range wide enough to eliminate the need for a supplemental woofer or tweeter. ViV Laboratory’s facility in Yokohama, Japan, will deliver a pair of the 160-?pound speakers to the United States for $60,000. The price includes $15,000 in shipping fees.

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