FrontRunners: Stunning Confidence

The clear performance of the C2 and C4 (shown) loudspeakers, the initial models in Dynaudio’s revamped Confidence series (www.dynaudiousa.com), is as pleasing as the fact that these speakers don’t demand to be the visual center of attention. Because these slender wooden towers could be mistaken for artwork, they earn living room–approved status.

The hourglasslike curve in the protruding fiberboard baffle softens an otherwise boxy silhouette. The speaker’s rounded edges and symmetric driver array (borrowed from Dynaudio’s popular Evidence line of speakers) disperse sound directly into the listening space, significantly reducing reflections from the ceiling and floor. Two high-performance Esotar2 tweeters set in a molded aluminum enclosure help dissipate heat and prevent vibrations from any unwanted tweeter movements from adversely affecting the sound. The glossy black glass wings on the sides of the speaker are more than just a striking visual element: Because they are placed directly adjacent to the woofers, the rigidity of the glass stops unwelcome vibrations.

The C2 ($12,000 a pair) is the smallest in the series at just over 5 feet tall; the C4 ($16,000 a pair) is 7 inches taller. Both are available in light maple and rosewood, and Dynaudio is planning to offer a matching subwoofer, a center channel, a surround speaker, an in-wall version of the C2, and the C7, the top model in the line. 

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