FrontRunners: Tall Orders

The striking, 7-foot-tall KEF Muon loudspeakers (www.kef.com) shown at left derive their sound quality from the engineers at the renowned British audio marque KEF and their curves from industrial designer Ross Lovegrove, known for his work on Apple’s iMac computer and Sony’s Walkman. The speakers are constructed of aluminum formed into a wavy shape that actually enhances their performance as well as their appearance. With six woofers per speaker—four in front, two in back—the Muon produces a bone-shaking bass. KEF will make only 100 pairs of the speakers, each pair priced at $140,000. . . . The Anthony Gallo Acoustics Reference 5LS (www.roundsound.com), another towering speaker system, contains eight midrange drivers that are crafted from carbon fiber and enclosed in Gallo’s trademark aluminum spheres. With seven proprietary tweeters and a dozen rear-firing woofers accompanying the midrange drivers, the 6.5-foot, $19,000-per-pair system delivers an immense, enveloping sound. A slim, 7-inch profile and thin steel grille wires add to the unit’s stylish look.

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