FrontRunners: Turning Audio Design on Its Head

Since the dawn of specialty audio, interior designers have been hiding speakers in cabinets, in walls, behind fur-niture, and anywhere else to keep them out of sight. Morel (800.MOREL.14, www.morel.co.il), however, an Israeli company with a long history of making premier drivers and placing a premium on aesthetics, once again surprises designers by creating the Octave, a speaker sculpted from black or white Corian (of kitchen countertop fame) that could be mistaken for furnishing.

The Octave not only defies traditional notions about the appearance of audio equipment, it also functions uniquely. Mordechai Meir, the company founder, spent three years designing the speaker so that you can upgrade your system without having to discard your existing Octaves. Turn one speaker upside down and place it on top of another one and you will create what Morel calls an Oc-twin: a pair of speakers that serve the same channel and thus produce an expanded, fuller sound.

Whether the Octaves stand individually or in tandem, don’t be surprised if their clean, geometric lines prompt guests to inquire about the beautiful abstract marble masterpieces in the living room.

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