FrontRunners: Vanquish Volume

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When Aston Martin CEO Ulrich Bez went shopping for a hi-fi system for the company’s flagship Vanquish, one criterion was paramount. “Aston Martin customers should have the best of whatever is available,” he says. “We looked for a company that not only produced what is regarded as the best audio systems but also fit well with our brand.” Bez chose audio veteran Linn—even though the Scottish company did not build car audio systems at the time.

Adapting its existing hi-fi components to address the unique challenges presented by an automobile, Linn created a system with 12 amplifiers that individually deliver 75 watts to each of a dozen speakers, a 200-watt self-powered woofer, and a massive amp. At less than 60 percent of the system’s maximum volume, the music eclipses the roar of the V-12 at 135 mph. Of course, for many Vanquish drivers, this roar is the preferred form of in-car entertainment.