FrontRunners: Virtual Reality

The action of the chassis, the sound in your ears, and the feedback through the steering wheel make a ride aboard the Virtual GT racing simulator (www.virtual-gt.com) far more than just a video game. The simulator, which is shaped like a racecar and is about the size of an executive desk, utilizes a 27- or 37-inch monitor, a dashboard computer, a vibrating steering wheel, and a nine-channel audio system to elevate the gaming experience.

With PC racing software, Virtual GT users can race the great tracks of the world in a Ferrari 360, Saleen S7, Porsche GT2, or one of many other simulated sports cars. The involvement and reactions that the driving demands—hitting the apex and shift points just right—are impressive and realistic, and to heighten the experience, you can race online against other competitors, view the action from multiple angles, and replay laps or entire races in broadcast mode.

The base-model Virtual GT costs $15,000; options include an 84-inch DLP projection system and a fitted “car” cover.

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