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The 5 Most-Read Gadget and Gear Stories of 2018

Here we present the five most popular gadget and gear stories of the year as determined by your clicks.

2018 HPC Typhoon Pro Image: courtesy HPC

While most gadgets and gear are aimed squarely at the mass market, there is always a hefty fee for being an early adopter or demanding the sort of performance tolerances that most people can’t even notice. But it’s that kind of devotion that transforms a casual user of everyday tech into a bona fide gear-hound. Whether you’re into audio, TVs, or outdoor equipment, there were plenty of new high-end products that made their mark this year. These are the five that garnered the most clicks from our readers.


A Monster of a Mountain Bike

Electric bicycles have been steadily gaining in popularity over the last few years, and it’s no wonder why. With an electric motor adding extra hp to each of your pedals, you feel like Superman while easily conquering hills that would have you huffing and puffing on a normal ride. High Performance Cycles builds electric bikes for extreme riders, creating models that go faster and hit the terrain harder than almost anything else on the market. This year, the company introduced a new mountain bike model with some serious stats that got our readers all revved up.

Read the full story at HPC’s Ultra-Powerful Typhoon Pro Electric Mountain Bike Makes Landfall


Samsung The Wall

Samsung The Wall  Photo: courtesy Samsung

The Best TVs at CES

At the 2018 Consumer Electronics Show, the big TV brands showed off a range of new models focused on new technologies like rollable OLED screens, AI enabled sets, and the humongous, modular Samsung Wall. Our overview of the best new TVs from the show was a big hit with readers eager to see what the future had in store.

Read the full story at The Top Luxury TVs at CES 2018


SimAudio Moon 600i V2

SimAudio Moon 600i V2 in Two Tone  Photo: Courtesy SimAudio

Amped up About Amplifiers

Canadian hi-fi brand Simaudio let us have some quality time with its Moon 600i V2 integrated amplifier early this year, and we were blown away by its good looks and stellar audio performance. Find out what our reviewer loved about the system and which bits he thought weren’t so hot.

Read the full story at Fly Me to the Moon: Simaudio’s MOON 600i V2 Integrated Amplifier Reviewed


FlightScope MEVO

FlightScope MEVO  Photo: courtesy FlightScope

Digital Golf Instructor

Golfers are a funny bunch; some are purists who eschew anything that distracts from the essence of the game, while others will load up with all the latest tech—from rangefinders to the swing-tracking system profiled here—to shave a few stroke off of their game. It seems that our reader mostly fall into the latter camp, as the huge response to our hands-on review of the Mevo launch monitor reveals.

Read the full story at Our Hands-On Review of the Flightscope MEVO Golf Launch Monitor


Apple iPhone Xs gold

Apple iPhone Xs in gold  Photo: courtesy Apple

Elite iPhones

Apple keeps pushing its new flagship models further and further into luxury pricing territory. The company’s big releases this year, the iPhone XS and XS Max were priced at $1,000 and $1,100, respectively—making the Max the most expensive iPhone the company has ever released. Though the phones themselves didn’t boast any groundbreaking new features, there were incremental improvements to almost every aspect of the phone, and our readers loved hearing about them.

Read the full story at What You Get in Apple’s Biggest, Priciest iPhone to Date

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