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4 VR Headsets That Will Help You Navigate the Metaverse in Style

Today's top manufacturers from Oculus to Vuzix hope these headsets bring the metaverse into the mainstream.

Meta Quest 2 Sonny Costin

Thirty years after Neal Stephenson’s novel Snow Crash introduced the term “metaverse,” it’s fast becoming reality. With rapid advances in technology, the tools needed to explore virtual or augmented reality are now better, faster and more lifelike than ever.

The virtual elephant in the room, though, remains Apple, with persistent rumors that it will release its own AR/VR headset either late this year or early next. Meanwhile, here’s a look at top contenders currently (or soon to be) scrambling for market share while it’s still there for the taking. It might be VR, but the stakes are real, and very high.

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