Goldmund’s New Tower Speakers Marry Hi-Fi and Wi-Fi

Without sacrificing the brand’s audio credential, the new speakers feature onboard amplification and wireless connectivity…

Music plays a significant role in the lives of many people, but that does not make everyone an audiophile. Indeed, audiophiles are known for their passion and sometimes over-the-top listening habits, and the most serious among them often outfit entire rooms dedicated to music listening, equipped with massive speakers and racks of power amplifiers. Goldmund is no stranger to this audience, having developed the world’s most expensive turntable as well as some extremely sophisticated luxury audio equipment.

The Goldmund Logos Tower and Metis Tower speakers ($19,800 and $14,700) are notable departures from the traditional Goldmund philosophy, as they have been developed and priced with the casual listener in mind. However, this deviation does not mean that the Swiss manufacturer sacrificed sound quality; rather, the loudspeakers are made for connoisseurs who appreciate quality and artisanship, rather than being simply a product for audiophile ears only.

The end result is certain to be sonically pleasing to the majority of listeners, as it incorporates many of the unique technologies that set Goldmund apart. Most notable are the machined-aluminum speaker cabinets, designed to eliminate resonance and reduce vibrations that might otherwise color the sound. Additionally, Goldmund has included wireless technology to allow the seamless connection of music devices to the speakers without the need for cabling, amplification, or other peripherals that might not be a priority for casual listeners. The new speaker towers can be purchased from Goldmund dealers worldwide. (goldmund.com)

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