Half-Hidden Speakers

Most on-wall speakers were designed to complement TVs measuring about four inches thick. Next to today’s one-inch-thick sets, though, the same speakers seem positively portly. The physics of audio make it quite difficult to design a high-quality, one-inch-thick speaker, but Canadian speaker maker Paradigm has a solution: the Millenia 20 Hybrid, a speaker that mounts partially within a wall. The unique design protrudes only one and one-half inches yet allows enough internal space for the Millenia 20 Hybrid’s quartet of woofers to function properly. The woofers are mounted in a sealed enclosure for maximum fidelity. Paradigm says its glass-reinforced injection-molded polymer (GRIP) mounting bracket quells the wall vibrations that so often mar the sound of conventional in-wall speakers. Each $529 Millenia 20 Hybrid measures just shy of 26 inches long. The smaller Millenia 10 Hybrid, with only two woofers and a length of about 17 inches, suits smaller TVs and compact spaces. (905.696.2845, www.paradigm.com)

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