Hi-Fi to Wi-Fi

1} Bang & Olufsen BeoPlay A9 Designed to resemble a piece of furniture, the A9 speaker system ($2,700) from Bang & Olufsen’s BeoPlay brand streams music wirelessly from most personal devices or directly via line-in or USB inputs. The cover comes in white, black, brown, green, red, or silver. 866.520.1400, www.beoplay.com

2} Davone Mojo The Danish company Davone’s Mojo speakers ($2,300 per pair) present 360-degree audio that can fill a large space, and their compact size—just a foot tall—allows them to blend into a bookshelf. +, www.davoneaudio.com

3} Symbol Audio Modern Record Console The all-in-one design of Symbol Audio’s Modern Record Console (price upon request) harks back to systems from analog’s golden age. In addition to vinyl playback, the system allows for wireless streaming of digital audio from computers or personal media devices. The American walnut cabinet has a steel base with a hand-applied patina. 845.358.9430, www.symbolaudio.com

4} Meridian M6 A conical design makes Meridian’s M6 speakers ($9,000 per pair) visual standouts, but sonically they disappear, thanks to their omnidirectional drivers. Simply plug the speakers into any source unit. 646.666.0140, www.meridian-audio.com

5} Strut Launchport From Strut, a purveyor of luxury auto accessories, comes Launchport ($1,250), to charge any version of the iPad. The system comprises a charging pedestal of chromed stainless steel and an iPad case fashioned from materials such as burled wood or carbon fiber. 949.369.9126, www.strutlaunchport.com

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