High-Tech Media Storage

Many people have grown accustomed to storing all of their media—music, movies, etc.—on computers. But computers hardly have a reputation for user-friendliness. The new Sunfire Theater Grand Media System provides the benefits of computer-based storage without the complexities. Load CDs and DVDs into the TGM’s front slot, and the system automatically transfers the contents to its hard drives. Through the Internet, the system retrieves cover art and information about artists, directors, song titles, genres, etc. Place one of Sunfire’s TGM -100C clients in any room, and it can access all of the content stored on the TGM. Any TV can display the system’s color interface, which lets you browse through your movie and music collection quickly and easily. The system is available with storage capacity as high as six terabytes—which Sunfire says translates to about 1,800 DVDs.  A single TGM system can provide up to seven video or audio streams at once, allowing an entire family to access their favorites simultaneously. Systems start at $6,500. (859.514.8290, www.sunfire.com)

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