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Home Electronics: Best of the Best Home Automation: Crestron Isys

The latest additions to the Crestron Isys system give homeowners a level of control and flexibility never before available. The 5-inch TPS-2000L and the 6-inch TPS-3000L touch-sensitive LCD video screens enable you to control audio and video sources, lights, drapes, climate, security, and communications systems throughout your home.

Not only can you control your home’s subsystems with the touchpanels, but because the panels are equipped with microphones, speakers, and video cameras, you can also use them to see and talk to people who are in other rooms or on the other side of security cameras. A sensor detects the light levels of each room and brightens or dims the lighting as required by the cameras. The most impressive feature, how-ever, is that by dragging your finger across the touchscreen, you can control the movement of a video camera and even zero in for a closer look. If your children are in the playroom, for example, you can keep an eye on them from the kitchen by panning the camera around the room or zooming in on a self-portrait in crayon being created.

The clarity of the picture is especially impressive because the Isys color scheme consists of 64,000 colors for graphics and 256,000 for video, far superior to the 256-color industry standard. The high-resolution image quality is especially evident when you watch TV or DVDs on the touchpanels, which mount almost flush on walls and come in a variety of styles, including with and without traditional buttons.

Crestron, 201.767.3400, www.crestron.com

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