JVC Sheds Some Light on Its New Range of 4K Home Theater Projectors

The company introduced three newly upgraded projectors and a special limited edition model in red at CEDIA.

JVC DLA-X990 4K projector HDR Photo: courtesy JVC

Last week at the CEDIA trade show in San Diego, Japanese electronics giant JVC introduced three new consumer home theater projectors as well as a special limited edition model celebrating 20 years of the brand’s D-ILA (Direct-Drive Image Light Amplification) projection technology. Though similar to last year’s models, the new offerings feature notable upgrades to their high-dynamic range (HDR) capabilities, low-latency mode, and proprietary e-shift system.

The trio of new projectors—comprising the Procision DLA-X590RBK, DLA-X790RBK, and DLA-X990RBK—are all billed as capable of delivering 4K images, although this feat is accomplished through a little technological trickery. Using the latest generation of JVC’s e-shift technology, the projectors take a standard 1080 high-definition image and creates sub frames by shifting the image half a pixel both vertically and horizontally, effectively quadrupling the image’s pixel density and boosting the resolution to 4K. The fifth generation of this technology utilizes a new and improved algorithm to determine the best data from which to create the sub frames.

JVC DLA-X590 4K projector HDR

JVC DLA-X590 4K projector  Photo: courtesy JVC

The new models also feature improved HDR capabilities and a new Active Intelligent Lens Aperture to deliver greater color contrast. The trio is equipped with automatic gamma adjustment and HDR switching, and two of the models (the DLA-X990RBK and DLA-X790RBK) come with special color profiles that can prioritize either brightness or color, depending on the environment. These same two projectors also boast THX 3D certification. For those who like to use their projectors for gaming or as a PC display, the new models can be switched to a special low-latency mode to avoid lag between your inputs and what is displayed on the screen.

JVC D-ILA 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Projector red color

JVC D-ILA 20th Anniversary Limited Edition Projector  Photo: courtesy JVC

Not nearly as much is known about the special anniversary edition. JVC has revealed that it will have a very impressive native contrast ratio of 200,000 to 1 (greater than either of the three standard models), and it will be red—very red.

The company has yet to announce pricing or a release date for the anniversary model, but the DLA-X590RBK ($4,000), DLA-X790RBK ($6,000), and DLA-X990RBK ($8,000) will be available at select JVC retailers in October.

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