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Wolf Cinema builds video projectors exclusively for high-end custom home theaters. The $85,000 DCX-1000i occupies the middle position in the company’s line of three projectors. Its 1,000-watt xenon lamp emits about five times as much light as the bulb in a typical home theater projector. This prodigious output allows the DCX-1000i to be used on screens as wide as 15 feet. It can be used even in a well-lit room, an environment that washes out most projected images. A servo-controlled zoom lens allows the DCX-1000i to display almost any movie in the proper shape (or aspect ratio) without the need for an image-degrading accessory lens. Wolf Cinema houses the DCX-1000i in a rather plain black box designed for maximum ventilation; the drab look is acceptable because this projector is intended for installation in a soffit or behind a wall, where it cannot be seen. A model with a handsome aluminum enclosure is also available. Wolf Cinema also offers the 500-watt DCX-500i for smaller home theaters ($65,000) and the 1,500-watt DCX-1500i for screens as wide as 20 feet ($110,000). (510.843.4500, www.wolfcinema.com)

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