M-Class players

M-Class players ($2,495 – $3,995)

The M500 and M300 players incorporate Blu-ray playback into the product range of Kaleidescape, the industry leader for media storage and integration. Working in conjunction with one of the brand’s high-capacity servers, these players give users the ability to access more than 3,300 Blu-ray Disc titles through its simple and intuitive on-screen interface. The M500 uses a disc tray loader to copy content from the disc onto the servers, while the smaller M300 acts as a satellite player able to access the server’s digital content remotely. To accommodate the fact that film studios require the Blu-ray Disc to be present during playback, Kaleidescape is developing for release next year a Blu-ray Disc loader to hold a large number of discs that users can access throughout the home. (650.625.6100, www.kaleidescape.com)

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