Magico’s New Q3 Loudspeaker Delivers Musical Fidelity

The elegant, 250-pound Magico Q3 loudspeaker is the award-winning company’s latest product to deliver music as recording engineers and artists intended it to sound. The three-way floorstanding speaker utilizes a number or proprietary Magico design elements and technology to break the efficiency barrier: Its 90-dB sensitivity and 5-ohm impedance rating make it the easiest Magico loudspeaker to drive.

In addition to aluminum and copper cabinetry, trademark components include the brand’s Nano-Tec drivers, which implement carbon nanotubes into the cone construction of their transducers. A lone 6-inch driver handles the midrange frequencies, while three all-new 7-inch woofers drive the low-end responses. The Q3 also takes advantage of the same Beryllium MBe-1 tweeter found in the brand’s 420-pound Q5. To help deliver distortion-free sound, German audio electronics expert Mundorf manufactures all of the Q3’s crossover elements, which include gold, silver, and oil capacitors, as well as induction-free windings.

Beyond its wide frequency response, 26 Hz to 50 kHz, the Q3’s clarity and timbral accuracy confirm why the young Berkeley, Calif.–based company’s loudspeakers are so highly coveted. When mated with electronics and cabling of equal quality, the Q3 yields a naturalness of sound and level of detail that seem remarkably close to the source. The jazz or chamber trio, full symphony orchestra, or vocalist imbedded in a disc, platter, or high-resolution file will seem to be in the room with the Q3, which lists for $34,000 per pair. (510.649.9700, www.magico.net)

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