Martin Logan’s Compact Multi-channel Speaker System in Motion

Martin Logan is famous for its sizable floor-standing electrostatic speakers, but the Lawrence, Kansas, manufacturer recently introduced a relatively compact home theater solution that has also begun to garner significant attention since the line started shipping in March. The Martin Logan Motion series includes: two right/left channel floor-standing options, the Motion 10 and 12 ($1,000 and $1,500), which stand about three feet and three-and-a-half-feet tall, respectively; two surround bookshelf modules, the Motion 2 and 4 ($200 and $250), which can double as front speakers for more compact setups; and the Motion 6 and 8 ($300 and $400), which present two different size options for the center channel. Pair any arrangement of these speakers with one of Martin Logan’s Dynamo subwoofers for a practical and powerful compact home theater setup that, if it does not quite live up to the famed transparency of the company’s two-channel electrostats, is sure to satisfy those seeking high-quality audio from a compact multi-channel system.

While the Motion speakers are probably not best suited for a dedicated cinema, they are ideal as part of a secondary setup for use in the living room, bedroom, or office. Such versatility, not to mention convenience, plays a huge factor in the Motions’ appeal. They are easily mounted on the wall by way of included wall brackets, and the curved design of the smaller modules allow two angled mounting options for on-wall placement. The Motion speakers are also equipped with push-style cable terminals for added simplicity and ease of installation.

These may be the least expensive line of speakers that Martin Logan has ever produced, but their audio-reproduction capabilities remain consistent with the company’s high standards of quality. Easily filling small to midsize rooms, the Motions’ utilize folded tweeters that provide quick response times and a large surface area to support robust high-frequency reproduction. Low and middle frequencies derive from a variety of cone drivers throughout the Motion line, a successful divergence from the manufacturer’s electrostats—and proof that Martin Logan truly is the great American speaker company. (785.749.0133, www.martinlogan.com)

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