Meridian Audio’s New Stealth M6 Speaker

According to Meridian Audio cofounder Bob Stuart, his company’s newest digital-signal-processing (DSP) loudspeaker, the M6, produces “world-class sound that all but disappears in the room.” The M6 does just that by masterfully combining the English manufacturer’s active amplifier and digital-to-analog-conversion technologies from its top-of-the-line DSP8000 speakers with the composite material first employed in its M80 compact music system.

Beneath the streamlined black enclosure of the M6 lurks the heart of a supercomputer with a full DSP crossover that mates the woofer and tweeter with separate onboard 100-watt amplifiers, while performing bass, treble, balance, and boundary-gain functions to tailor the sound of the M6 to any listening environment. Even the lighted halos at the top of the machined aluminum end caps are purpose-built—they glow blue in standby mode, changing to white when active. To simplify the task of achieving high-performance audio even further, the M6 speakers take full advantage of Meridian’s SpeakerLink technology, which allows easy connectivity with one of the company’s Sooloos digital media systems for complete control from an Apple iPad. The M6 is priced at $9,000 per pair. (646.666.0140, www.meridian-audio.com)

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