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Meridian Brings In-Home Surround Sound to the Road

Meridian, the British manufacturer of audio and video components, has devised a new in-car surround-sound concept, for the Jaguar C-X17. Based on the architecture of the company’s in-home surround-sound systems, it comprises 28 loudspeakers placed strategically around the car’s cabin.

Meridian says the new design creates a more authentic listening experience by delivering sound directly to passengers’ ears. This includes two speakers each set into the A and B pillars of the car’s inner frame and an additional four speakers set into the front and rear headrests. Additionally, the company’s flagship loudspeaker, the DSP8000, is integrated into a center-console tunnel that runs the length of the car. Equipped with back-to-back subwoofers positioned under a glass panel, the speakers provide an evenly distributed sound. The system can be controlled by touch screens within reach of the front and rear seats. Meridian’s force-canceling technology, featured in the subwoofers, creates clearer low-frequency reproduction without reverberation.

Though the design has not gone into production yet, Meridian says the surround-sound concept for Jaguar represents what may come from the company’s in-car sound systems. (646.666.0140, www.meridian-audio.com)

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