Meridian G65 Surround Controller Debuts as New Incarnation of Iconic 565

Meridian Audio’s G65 Surround Controller is an all-new product steeped in Meridian’s rich heritage. Twenty years ago, Meridian launched the 565, the world’s first Digital Surround Controller, a product that defined the surround category and rivaled the finest two-channel products available. 

G65, named in honor of 565, is the definitive new Digital Surround Controller of the G Series, carrying on the legacy with high performance, connectivity, and ease of use.  G65 builds on the achievements of Meridian’s flagship 800 Series, with entirely new circuitry developed specifically for the product.

Hand-built in the UK, G65 forms the heart of a Meridian Digital Theatre system, offering surround-sound of maximum clarity and authenticity for a feeling of true and total immersion in the performance.


Part of the “Meridian Sound” results from the fact that co-founder Bob Stuart hand-tunes each card for maximum performance; his initials can be seen on every board.

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