Meridian’s New Desktop Audio System

This desktop audio system from British hi-fi staple Meridian comprises two separate components: the $3,000 Audio Core 200 stereo controller and the $6,000-per-pair DSP3200 loudspeakers. The team at Meridian designed the svelte 11-by-11-inch, six-pound Audio Core 200 as a preamplifier hub for various analog and digital audio sources, with all inputs facilitating 96-kHz, high-resolution playback. Meridian fans will find that the Audio Core 200 pairs beautifully with the brand’s Sooloos line of media servers and with its series of active speakers, which utilize onboard digital signal processing (DSP). Unveiled in January alongside the Audio Core 200, the DSP3200 loudspeakers employ dual onboard 75-watt digital amplifiers to prompt a frequency range of 45 Hz to 20 kHz from their 6.5-inch and 3.3-inch drivers. Standing just larger than one foot tall, these speakers mirror the design of Meridian’s flagship DSP8000 speaker models and aptly complete this small but powerful system. (+44.14.8044.5678, www.meridian-audio.com)

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