A Miniature Media Library

Wall-mounted flat-panel TVs look so sleek, it seems a shame to sully them with additional components. Kaleidescape seems to have had the flat-panel TV aesthetic in mind when it designed the Kaleidescape 1080p Mini Player. Like the other players in Kaleidescape’s line, the $2,995 Mini Player can access any movie or album stored on a Kaleidescape Server through one of the friendliest and most dazzling on-screen interfaces ever seen on a home entertainment device. Yet it is small enough to attach to the back of most wall-mounted flat-panel TVs, or to be tucked out of sight behind books or bric-a-brac. It also upgrades video from DVDs so that the picture looks crisp on a high-definition TV set. With your entire media library available at a touch from a nearly invisible component, you may not want to bother with cable or satellite. (888.352.5343, www.kaleidescape.com)

Brent Butterworth

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