Mythos XTR-50

Mythos XTR-50 ($700 each)

These nifty little speakers from Def Tech are far from the most expensive items on our list. Their value, however, is unequivocal. Made for pairing with ultrathin on-wall LED display panels, the versatile Mythos XTR-50 speakers are able to serve as right, left, center, or surround modules. They boast a mere 1.5-inch depth when mounted on-wall and achieve remarkably faithful audio reproduction for such a thin design. For the powerful yet lightweight drivers, Def Tech’s engineers utilized catenary geometry to maximize the stiffness of the dome-shape, anodized-aluminum diaphragm, while minimizing the amount of material required to produce it. Pair an XTR-50 setup with one of Def Tech’s powerful SuperCube subwoofers for a compact, unobtrusive home-theater speaker system. (410.363.7148, www.definitivetech.com)

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